Thursday, May 19, 2011

Installation Guide to Set Up Informatica 8.6 on windows

Minimum Requirements for Installation:

- Window xp (vista will not support most of the times)
   Vista users can able to install this in VM ware(Virtual Machine)

*Relational Database:
-Database like Oracle,Sql,Teradata, etc. can be used.

*1GB Ram

*System should support Java

Make sure,everything mentioned above was satisfied.

Informatica 8.6 Server Installation:

Select the sever folder from the informatica installation CD.
There you can find set up, click on the set up file.This will leads to you a window.

    Proceed with 'Next' button

 c)Provide the license key,from your software backup.

Then proceed with 'Next' button

d)Installation prerequisites,which i already mentioned in Minimum Requirements comes here.This window is   just for reference.

 Then Proceed with 'Next' Button.

e)This window explains the 'Installation set'.Check the 'Complete' radio button,where Power center Services and Data Analyzer components will be included in your installation.


   Then Proceed with 'Next' Button.

f)  Then select Installation Directory,where Informatica need to be installed.Then proceed with 'Next' button.

g)Then you can find Application Server configuration and Pre-Installation summary.This is nothing to worry about.Proceed with 'Next' button. 

h)Then you can find Install button.Click on the Install button.

i) Then you can find 'Domain Configuration' window.

Fill the 
Database type:
 -Type of database you are using(eg:Oracle)
Database URL:
-Your's Computer name and its port no(eg:Arun:1521)
Database user Id:
-scott(if you are using oracle 10g) 

-Tiger(if you are using oracle 10g)
Service name. 
-Orcl(if you are using oracle 10g)
 ( To find the service name,go to
    Control Panel/Administrative Tools/Services 
Oracle 10g: you will find the service name like :OracleServiceORCL
Here service name is ORCL.
SQL Server users can use their respective service name.)

To Test all those parameters(given above) was correct,click on the Test connection.If it is failed,it will never take you to next step.
After filling all those details proceed with 'Next'.

j)Enter the information for  Power Center domain,you want to create and proceed with next button.

k)Then it will leads to 'Configure Informatica services' window.Uncheck the Informatica services with different User account.Proceed with 'Next button'.


l)Then you will find the Informatica Installation Summary window.That's it,server Installation was over.

 After it was done,run the Informatica Services (To find the service name,go to Control Panel/Administrative Tools/Services ) and check whether it was started.

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